About us

We are a creative agency based in Zagreb, Croatia. Specialized in cinematography we produce high end videos, corporate promos, short films and TV commercials all over the world.

High-end production

Our gear includes Epic-X RED DRAGON camera capable of recording up to 6K, high speed cameras, 4K multicopters, cablecam and various cranes, gimbals etc.

From ideas to big screens

We make videos from scratch – from having a great idea and even better scenario to having the best way of putting it all to big screens. How much does a video cost, you wonder? Well, how much does a car cost? Or a house…? It all depends on your wishes really, so it is best that you drop us an email and let us know what you have in mind.

We guarantee a bang for the buck! In the meantime stick around and enjoy our website.





The chief enemy of creativity is ´good´ sense.Pablo Picasso